Shops are using loyalty cards wrong, thats why they keep losing

I own several loyalty cards but rarely use them. My humble reward for being a loyal customer is a lousy discount and newsletters in my inbox.

A lot of shops offer loyalty cards. Often they ask just for your name and address. But do they really know the shopping preferences of their customer?

I do not think so.

When i go shopping for shirts. I have to repeat my preferences to a shop employee every time. Often i criss cross the shop looking for that particular shirt. The only time i use the loyalty card is when i pay for my goods.
Often when i am unpacking my new bought shirts at home. They still not fit and i have to return them to the shop.

Do i feel loyal? No, not at all.

Loyalty cards do not solve a single problem for consumers and shops and are therefore useless.


Shops take a new approach and are going to acknowledge their customers and reward them for being loyal.

This is the focus of a retail company like Coolblue.

With help of concepts like beacons, personal shopping and omnichannel, shopowners now get the tools to really get the know his client preferences!

The present shopping experience in a clothing store can look like this:

You have to look business-like but the shirts also have to be comfortable because you are going to wear them 40 hours a week.

On your first visit you fill in a form asking your clothing sizes and get yourself a loyalty card.

At recurring visits you swap your loyalty card through a device at the entrance of the shop and get a warm welcome message. You even get discount and or access to premium brands.

Every shop employee can find your clothing preferences in the company app when you ask them for advice.

They can give you personalized advice based on your preferences and past purchases.

It will save the customer time and stress because he gets immediately the preferred clothing he wants.

It will save the shop time and money as well because of the lower returns and more efficient time per customer.

This new approach will benefit the customer and shop alike.

The shop receives information about the customer and can in return provide a more personal service towards the customer. The shopping experience for the shopper is becoming more efficient in time and results as well

With this approach towards loyalty cards, shops can become winners again.

They are able to solve their customers (shopping) problem and thereby earn their trust.

This will increase the revenue of a shop and lower its returns.


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